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Ehsan Elahi Zaheer

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Ehsan Elahi Zaheer  (31 May 1945 – 30 March 1987) was a Pakistani Islamic scholar. . He died from an assassin’s bomb blast in 1987. He was taken to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia in injured condition. He died there and was buried in Al-Baq-ul-Garqad in Madina. He done Masters in Arabic, Islamic studies, Urdu and Persian at University of Punjab further continuing his studies in ISLAMIC LAW at University of Madinah. He mainly wrote books in Arabic but his works have been translated into Urdu, English and many other languages. His famous books are;

  • Mirzāʼiyyat aur Islām, Idārat Turjumān al-Sunnah
  • al-Qadiyaniyat : dirasat wa-tahlil, Idārat Turjumān al-Sunnah
  • al-Shīʻah wa-al-Sunnah, Idārat Turjumān al-Sunnah


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